Mudwings and The Rightful Bear

One bear's quest to regain her kingdom and save the world.

Main Contents

Some of the protaganists

The Rightful Bear: A Heroic Bear who aims to regain her kingdom. Quite shy and retiring.
Mudwings: A noble griffin, friend to The Rightful Bear. Very fond of berries.
Mr Blue: A wizard who likes lightening.
Thorny: A halfling who is very good at creeping about and shooting things with his crossbow. Acts as Chief of Staff for The Rightful Bear.
Alice Digit: A ranger of The Shield, wise in the ways of the wilderness.
Mr Smith: A follower of Nathye. He can heal the sick and craft magical items in his forge.
Mr Black: A librarian with a love of fire magic. Rarely seen without his magic mine cart.
Miss Seed: A witch with a flying broom, dangerous lightening spells and a hatred of goblins.
Mr Green: A dragonborn. Devoted to Anew, the god of war. Enjoys a fight.
Herald Elf: Herald to the Queen of the High Elves. Bemused by short lived mortals. Can turn into a moth, apparently.

Some of the characters

The Dragon King: A regal dragon who likes singing, dancing, eating elves and plotting the conquest of Wynderand.
Captain Pelmet: A Captain in the Shield, devoted to keeping the wilderness safe and his troops well trained.
Young Preten Deer: A troubador who claims he has been unjustly deprived of his inheritance.
The King Under the Mountain: An ancient mountain troll who is fond of riddles. Wishes the dwarves would return to his mine.
Jeff Sprigley: A malevolent spirit, accidentally summoned by Mr Blue in his youth.

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