Mudwings and The Rightful Bear

One bear's quest to regain her kingdom and save the world.

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Mudwings and The Rightful Bear is a cartoon published anonymously in the city of Wynderand. It tells the story of a bear and her companions as they attempt to regain her kingdom and save the world from the Dragon King.
Despite the machinations of the City Council and the Office of Sedition, the publishers have never been tracked down. Issues are distributed as contraband across the known lands.
This collection starts with issue 23. The first 22 issues have been lost, though there are rumours that some copies are hidden somewhere in the Imperial Library.
The inspiration for the cartoons is unclear. Some claim that they are loosely based on the adventures of band of protaganists led by Belinda Foxe and Palin of Nathye, but this is disputed by more serious scholars.

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